Psychologist, video games researcher, science writer


I'm a reader in psychology and science communication at Bath Spa University. My research looks at the behavioural effects of playing video games. I write regularly for the Guardian, where I'm also the science blog network coordinator. My psychology blog Head Quarters has been shortlisted for the Association of British Science Writers UK science blog award three times. I've previously written for Discover magazine's science blog, the Nature Network, the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, and Scientific American's blog network, and I've been a science consultant for BBC’s Horizon. I live in Bristol with my wife, dog, two cats, and whatever local wildlife the cats happen to bring in each night.


My first book, LOST IN A GOOD GAME, is a mix of psychology, travel writing and autobiographical writing. It will look at the reasons why we play video games, the effects they have on us, and why we shouldn't worry so much about the scaremongering stories we see about them in the news. It will be published by Icon Books in Spring 2019.



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lost in a good game

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